about Wolfgang Lass

Born and raised the first 7 Years in a poor Farmersfamily as the 5th of 8 Childs .

With 7 Years entered in an Orphanage in Strahlsund ( Germany East )where he got his first Contact with real Education and Citylife . With 8 Years moved to an Orphanage in Kroepelin near Rostock where he finally finished 8 classes of Basic - School to enter later in the Gymnasium of Bad Doberan. After breaking up a political Study in the Army of EastGermany and absolvating the obligated time as a Soldier there, he worked round about 10 Years as a Chef in different Places and Restaurants all over NorthGermany . 

He never left beside his Drawing and Paintingskills from the Age of 10 Years on . 

His Dream was always to have his own Carrier as an Independend Artist .

After trying out other jobs in Comercial Areas and after being an Actor for 3 years in the Staatsschauspiel Dresden he desided to leave Germany and go for his Dream .

Passing by the Canary-islands , Madrid, Marbella ( Spain ) ,Lisbon and Sintra ( Portugal)

In 2011 he got invited for an Artproject in Funchal / Madeira https://www.facebook.com/zyberchemaportas/

From then on he stayed in Funchal working in different Artprojects together with international Artists and local Artists .

Projects like " Espaco das Artes" in the Old Town of Funchal which was a huge Art Galery in a wonderful old abondend Building . 

Later the ART-MALL in the Area of LIDO Funchal 

in Oktober 2017 he built together with his wife Anastasya Ivanove this new Fineartproject : Galeria Bela 30 https://www.facebook.com/Galeria-BELA-30--1656029264415573/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel&eid=ARC-8ejuz5MkNvBWXHww8dn0lutPufn23U1daq1tNSJYLkbQ7xKBdzpvTx3PxtNJAAd-N_PyOqCG41uW

where he lives and work and just finished successful the first Year of this small and fine Gallery .

in my favorite Spot ...Porto Santo ...<3


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