About Anastasyia Lass

Born and raised for in Whiterussia in the City of Mogilew 

she left her Country for the first time when she was 10 years old together 

with her Parents .

Went to school for 1 and a half year in Funchal / Madeira wher she got the main Languageskills in portugues from .

After her Return to the Homecountry together with her Mum she finished Highschool with a Diplom for Arts and Artscraft and Teaching Arts in Mogilew College .

With 19 Years she traveled again to Madeira to visit her Father and got in Contact with The ArtGallery " Espaco Das Artes " in Funchal, where she took Paintingclasses with the german Painter Wolfgang Lass .

Enjoying new Arts-and Life- expieriences she decided to stay in Madeira together with Wolfgang Lass .

Together both Artists had to find a new way to get involved in Arts in Funchal and Madeira and built up step by step this new Artspace called "Galeria BELA 30 " wich is a fine and cute Space where they work and live together doing Finearts,Artscraft and Wallpainting-projects Hand in Hand .Also she found out about the traditional way to make portugues Azulejos ( Tiles ) and starts up now doing big Pannels and wonderful Tiles here in Madeira / Funchal .

You can find Examples of her work in the next site : Works by A. Ivanova 

here in action -))))))))) <3


15.11.2021 15:17


Please give me your email address to send you an email

15.11.2021 15:06


I would like to email you a picture of a tile in your website.
Also I want to call to explain to you my request for one more tile